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Shared Shopping Lists, Recipe Box, Meal Plans, Appointments, Todos, and more...

Fabster is an App that allows you to manage many aspects of your life in one place. Our blog complements our apps by providing inspiration on various topics.



What you can do with the app?

Father and Daughter with Grocery

Shared Shopping Lists

Create one or more lists, scan barcodes, find most frequently used products, and share it with as many as you want.

Starting a Bonfire

How It Got Started

The Story

Just like you. A family that aspires to give each other best in life - health, convenience, taste, education, vacation, and more. Doing all that takes a lot from you. We both are working couples with a child. 

We tried organizing our lives with scores of Apps and just gave up on them. We started creating something that works for us. 

Fabster was born out of a vision to solve things that matter in life - Food, Education, Appointments, Bookings, Todos, Hobbies, and more...things you need to make life happen!​

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